About Us


Atlantic-OASE is a proud member of the Oase Group, the global leader of the Water

Feature industry. We offer a continuously growing roster of the most respected products in the world. From enchanting Fountain and Water Entertainment systems of every size imaginable, to innovative Formal Spillways, Spouts and WaterWalls, we offer unique products for the hardscape. From the strongest Pond-free Vaults, Eco-Blox and FastFalls to the most advanced filtration products, we satisfy the most demanding landscaper and hobbyist. We also design, build and bring to market the most extensive line of water garden and fountain pumps, along with dependable aeration products, pond accessories and lighting systems. 

The combination of Atlantic Water Gardens and OASE was no accident; the companies’ philosophies and product lines are natural complements to each other, perfect for the North American market and the world.

Together, we have over 850 employees in 18 offices and 7 production facilities around the globe. After moving into our new 170,000 sq. ft. North American headquarters in Aurora, Ohio, our water feature family has grown to over 60 employees. Our philosophy still remains the same: unparalleled quality, innovative products and unmatched customer support.


Founded in 1949 to repair pumps, the company soon started building agricultural water pumps of their own in rural Germany. The development of fountain and underwater pumps led to the first large fountain installations and the adoption of the “Oase” (Oasis) name by 1969. Over the next 30 years came pumps and fountains of greater sophistication. OASE developed a style of water garden products that featured pumps on the bottom of the pond passing wastes to highly efficient filters. The company grew, expanding first into Belgium and the Netherlands in the early 90s, then into Asia and Eastern Europe ten years later. In 2003 the company was acquired by private investors and growth accelerated. OASE Living Water opened facilities in Singapore and China, and subsidiaries in Turkey and Dubai. The Innovation Center in Hörstel, Germany was opened in 2009, followed by a number of acquisitions over the next ten years, including Atlantic Water Gardens in 2018.



Founded in 1988 on the coast of the Jersey shore, our initial focus was on hot tubs (yes, you

heard that correctly) then pre-formed ponds. Through the 90s we developed skimmers, spillways and our pump line, then brought the first full line of hardscape products to the industry. We moved operations to Mantua, Ohio in 2005 to a 34,000 sq. ft. building, but sure enough, our system-based approach to water features soon required additional space. Even after an expansion of an additional 7,000 sq. ft. in 2013, we were quickly outgrowing the facility. Our staff, starting with just 3 people in New Jersey, now numbered 30. By our thirtieth anniversary in 2018 we were looking for a new place to call home.



In 2018, the Oase Group acquired Atlantic Water Gardens, creating Atlantic-OASE and bringing two water feature philosophies together. It has been our goal to make water features easier to build, easier to maintain and more beautiful than ever before. 

Regardless of point of origin, all our products are our own – we design and develop everything we sell. Our expansion allows us to bring the vast array of products we produce in Europe and beyond to the North American market, and to export our American-made goods to countries all over the world through the global OASE network.

Our in-house production team here in Aurora builds, inspects and packages all products made in the USA. We handle the distribution of all Oase Group products for the North American market here at the same facility, Atlantic-OASE, biOrb, OASE Indoor Aquatics and more, ensuring the most efficient possible operation.



Atlantic-OASE is the global leader in the water feature industry. We proudly offer a continuously growing roster of the most respected products available. We maintain our position on the cutting edge of water gardening by recruiting the best talent in the industry, to develop the best products and educational materials for every water gardener, from beginning do-it-yourselfers to experienced contractors. First and foremost, we value you, our customer, about all else, and will continuously work to demonstrate the loyalty and commitment you deserve. 

Our employees are exceptionally skilled and highly motivated, well-trained to provide customer service that is second to none, and passionate about turning great ideas into innovative products. Our loyalty to our distribution chain and end users ensures a commitment to long-term relationships based on trust, quality and mutual satisfaction. From our executive and sales teams to our design department, manufacturing to shipping, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products, educational resources, promotional material and customer service.

Our focus is to continually bring you new and improved products and services that consistently guarantees our place at the forefront of the water feature industry.

Our belief is that building long-term relationships will best serve your needs now and for many years to come.

We hope you join us and explore the world of water features with Atlantic-OASE.