Recreational Ponds

Recreational Ponds

Recreational ponds are nature-based engineered solutions that deliver safe, crystal clear water without chemicals. Safe 12-volt pumps pull water through multiple filtration modules set outside the pond, then to planted gravel Regeneration zones that biologically filter the water in a natural way. Combine with low voltage lighting for the ultimate chemical-free experience!

Anatomy of a Recreational Pond

1. Skimmers

Combination of liner-mounted and specialty Skimmers designed for regeneration zones pull water into filtration system from multiple areas to clear surface debris effectively. - Shop Now

2. Filtration

Gravity-fed filtration cleans and polishes water from skimmers and other inlets with a combination of mechanical, biological and UVC filtration. Filters are located below water level for easy concealment and are self cleaning for low maintenance. - Shop Now

3. Pumps

12-volt pumps located inside or outside the pond in a remote vault or Individual Module remove line voltage from direct contact with pond water to guarantee safety, perfect for use in recreational ponds. - Shop Now

4. Regeneration Zones

Regeneration zones return water through planting beds that provide natural biological filtration and even water distribution. - Shop Now

5. Control Systems

The EGC Cloud Controller manages the pump, filter system and lighting in a recreational pond all from your smart device. - Shop Now

6. Lighting

Add color lighting effects above or below water safely with low voltage ProfiLux Lighting and easy-to-hide submersible transformer. - Shop Now

7. Water Features

Easily add the charm of falling water with FastFalls or an Aura Vase. Create captivating effects with modern and safe 12-volt Water Entertainment systems. - Shop Now